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Satellite Systems for pubs Ayrshire

We install satellite TV for pubs, social club & bars in Ayrshire, Glasgow and Arran.

Multiroom TV for Pubs & Clubs.

We provide a full installation multiroom satellite TV systems for Pubs, Clubs, Bars and commercial premises.

You can show different channels to different rooms.

You have a choice of Foreign satellite TV systems so you can show Premier League Football and other popular sports.

Most pubs and clubs who want to show popular sport matches and games throughout Europe could benefit from a motorised satellite Dish.

These enable you to be able to receive a huge range of worldwide and European satellite tv channels, and also the conventional Sky channels, with a motorised satellite dish installation.

Don’t be restricted to basic Sky sports channels when there are hundreds of Free to Air satellite TV channels available. A motorised satellite TV dish are not only very popular with immigrants in the UK who wish to watch TV broadcasts from their home country, but provide everyone with a fantastic choice of worldwide sports channels.

A motorised satellite dish is the perfect solution for receiving multiple satellites from just one single dish, it is designed to follow the satellite’s ark to ensure a constant, strong signal.

Are your customers demanding better TV channels or threatening to go elsewhere to watch a game?

How Do Motorised Satellite Dishes Work?

The satellite receiver controls the motor to rotate, and as a different satellite signals is approached, your receiver will instruct the motor to lock on to the selected satellite so that you will be able to view the channels on that selected satellite.

All this is done by the satellite motor moving east or west along the satellite ark. Another benefit is that one satellite dish can be used to view multiple satellites via a single receiver, this looks a lot better than having 2 or even 3 satellite dishes on your property, especially if you are a listed building or restricted by local planning rules.

We can install a satellite system to suit to your own choice of channels and fromm a range of countries. Below is just a short list of countries available:

We can also install a satellite system that will enable you to watch your premiership team live every game from the comfort of your own home, not just the pub!

Channels from: Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Lithuania, Eastern Europe & many others.

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